Thursday, November 20, 2008

This month has been a crazy one I've been working like a mad woman and Nick has been going to school, getting ready for graduation. Nick is starting to apply to Grad School for next year. Come May we will be out of Rexburg, Idaho...finally. We are appling to the University of Washington, VCU Virginia Common Wealth, Maryland, and Eastern Washington and probably a few more. Its an exciting time and we are very anxious to figure out where we'll end up.


becky & mike said...

Won't it be nice to finally get out of Rexburg!! lol You guys are the best and good luck with everything!!! Now if you could just give my kids a cousin that would be the best!!! lol Love ya!

Eugene and Shannon Mariner said...

Woo hoo, glad to find you. you will have to send me your email addy, unless its your byui one so i can add you! talk to you later! love ya!

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