Monday, March 30, 2009


Baltimore, Maryland! It's official thats where were headed! We leave the first week of August, 2009. School starts August 31st. Nick and I are so excited to move we will miss every one so much but this is such a great opprotunity for us. Living in a Big City is going to be so fun we are just 3 hours from New York, and right by the ocean and there is going to be so many fun things to do.
I'm not excited for the drive 40 hours in a car all by my self while Nick is driving in front of me in the Penski truck all by him self, we just might go insane.


becky & mike said...

I'm so excited for you guys but at the same time i don't want you to leave!!!! =( I know that you guys will have a blast but i don't envy you having to drive that long alone!!! lol I would go insane!!

Eugene and Shannon Mariner said...

YAY! SO FUN! Gene and I can't wait to visit....!!! I'm also glad you guys aren't for sure going until August! That means you can see everyone (and not just the arbon side of the fam) this summer before you ship off!!!

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