Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The lengths Nick will go to!

Ok we are officially the Ghettoest Apartment in the complex Nick has created an ingenious structure. The night I took this picture was a playoff game between the L.A. Lakers and Orlando Magic a must see mainly be Nick wanted the Magic To win (He Hates the Lakers and So do I). This makeshift tower designed for the reception for our local channels was contructed out of books magazines end tables filing boxes and who know what else. I had to take this!! However we did get to see the game and it came in crystal clear to bad the Magic Lost. :(


Eugene and Shannon Tuioti-Mariner said...

Oh gosh. Still SO funny.

Nick and Tori said...

Oh baby that is hilarious! How the heck are you! I wish you would put more pictures up this is like the only way I know whats going on with ya! Luv you!

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