Monday, September 14, 2009

We Made It!

We'll we made it to Baltimore safe and sound! So much has happened in the course of the month.We arrived in Maryland after a long 40 hour drive with just ourselves and our poor car, that packed all our belongings. Once we got settled in our Hotel, the apartment hunting began. We spent serveral days looking at apartment after apartment trying to find something that would be close enough to Nick's school and that would also be in a safe neighborhood.
It seemed the harder we looked the less luck we had in finding a place to live. At this time this was when some funny things happened. We decided to go to church on the following Sunday: to as many wards as possible. Thinking this would increase our chances in finding some contacts within the church. We were running a little late to the first meeting that day so we snuck around the back to avoid distracting anyone. Nick and I sat next to this guy that after a time Nick swore he knew. Turns out Nick did know him, Brother Brian Geurts had Nick and his companion over every week for dinner while Nick was on his mission serving in the Washington D.C. To make things even more ironic, Brother Geurts was supposed to be driving that very morning to meet his family on vacation in North Carolina, but unfortunatly his motorcycle had broken down and as a result he attended church and ran in to us.
Brother Geurts and his family invited us to stay at their house for the remainder of our search, they fed us and gave us a place to sleep and it was the best experience for us to receive such kindness and service.
One week later we found a great apartment complex to move into, its called Fairways at Towson. We live in a one bedroom apartment that is bigger than our last apartment which was our only goal. Our apartment is in a highrise building on the eighth floor. We love it. I currently work at our apartment complex which was also a blessing seeing that it is a short elevater ride away. Nick started school 2 weeks ago and has been very busy with his internship and 3 hour long classes. We are having a blast here in Baltimore we love everything about it but we deeply miss our family and friends. We love you and will see you soon.

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You need to update this honey! I wanna see some pictures of where you are living and the environment over there. You need to get a camera soon!

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