Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Christmas with the ARBONS!

This Christmas we jetted off to Blackfoot to surprise the Family! We had Shawn Nicks brother pick us up at 11pm on the Christmas Eve and we headed to black foot with me passed out across the back seat with the boys driving the next 3 and 1/2 . I did feel bad that I fell asleep but I apparently not that much. :) We had a great time with everyone we really needed the company of family for the Holidays and we were glad we got it.
Nick can't wait to get go off this plane we were really crammed in there seeing that it was 11pm Christmas Eve night.

Keira and Maddox playing dress up with all of Keira's new toys she got Christmas morning. They would not stop giggling it was so cute to watch I love these two.

Beautiful Shannon and Eugene digging into Christmas Goodies!
Me holding Baby Jaden only a couple of weeks old he is so precious!
Shawn checking out a new book he just unwrapped and Lovely Becky and Mike waiting patiently for their turns. lol


Shannon Tuioti-Mariner said...

LOL so cute, and during Christmas Jaden was actually only a couple of weeks old! He looks sooo tiny! Seeing you guys was the best suprise ever! So funny.

Nick and Joelle said...

For some reason i thought that he was older lol i dont know what i was thinking. I knew you had him in December lol im a nerd! lol

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