Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Hunky Firefighter!

I came across these pictures today as I was going through my camera and I thought that I would share just what we experienced on our Independence day.
So this is our home We live at about the middle of the building. For several days now we had been hearing loud booming sounds so loud that it would shake our TV and rattle the windows. I was so scared my heart would stop everytime. We just figured someone was lighting fireworks off of their balcony just above our apartment. Nice HUH?
We'll just after the 4th we heard it again, just outside our window we saw the explosion and a tail of fire racing toward the ground Nick and I race outside to see if it hit anything.... Now just below our apartment we have a car port with an overhang where you can park if its raining or what have you. WEll it was on FIRE!!!!! We realized no one was doing anything so Being the hunky DO-It Yourself guy I know he is My husband Nick ran down stairs, Climed over a neighbors balcony and walking on the roof of the overhang, keep in mind it was on fire and Saved us all by using several pitchers of water to extinguish the roaring flames !!!!!
The after math! Once the real firefighters were done!

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Winder Family said...

Holy crap! I didn't know that. Way to go you hunky firefighter...

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