Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Recent Project

Bning of June~

Ok so I have been bugging Nick about getting new furniture for a while now and needless to say what I wanted was a little out of my "Budget". Well one day I just happened to come across a few pieces of solid wood furniture that were abandoned and I felt had alot of potential. I convinced some strong guys to take it to our one bed one bed apartment and... Surprise Babe! Now we have a ginormous project on our hands I say ours because I cant do it by my self are you kidding me it would take me for ever. Nick is Thrilled :) HAHA


One Large Buffet Server

One Sofa Table

One Side Table

4 Dinning Chairs

All are solid oak, dove tailed, in very good shade and Covered in layers and layers of White paint.

And so it begins. Oh and did I mention they were in my budget... FREE!!

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