Monday, February 22, 2010

Baby Shower Invites

I got to design and put together baby shower invitations for both of my sisters this year. It was soo fun I just love them so much this was unnfortunatly all that I could do for them since i'm across the coutry.

Janessa is due in April and she is having her first which is a girl (Zoe) Janessas' is the pink and brown one. To the right above and just below.

Jerica had Adyson Ann Platt in January and I can't wait to meet her this summer for the first time. I loved this design for Jerica, It was so Simple but classy not to "HEY IM HAVING A BABY SHOWER" you know?

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Eugene and Shannon Tuioti-Mariner said...

Finally an update! These are gorgeous! I LOVE THEM. Pretty sure you will be making mine when I have a baby!

So glad for some updates! Keep it up!

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