Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow Storm of the Century

Ok so I know I haven't updated my blog for several months now so let me catch you up on our new life in Baltimore...

Nick finished his first semester at U of Maryland I am so proud we got all A's, and inpressed his internship enought that they had offered him a job after he graduates.

I got a job at our leasing office which is very convienent seeing that I don't have to commute. Nick freaks when I drive in the City (So do I).

We got to spend Christmas alone here in Maryland, I was sad at first thinking that we wouldnt get the same amount of snow that we usually get but boy was I not sad for long.

View from our Apartment. Overlooking that rest of the complex and part of Towson, MD.

Can you say dangerous?

This was after 2 differnt snow storms 30 inches each!

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