Friday, May 28, 2010

Dodgers Vs Nationals

We went with Shannon and Eugene to a nationals Dodgers games I love baseball it was such a fun day we rode the metro there, and it put us out right in front of the stadium. We even snuck down to a lower section in the 5 inning this was out first MLB game

I took this picture behind my back and I even got Donavan Mcnabb in my sights lol Just kidding its not him but it looks like him haha. This is a pictures of a building where several things were happening, famous announcers were in there recording the pre-game show way cool huh

this is our view I Loved everything about it except for the drunk annoyingly kids behinds us screaming things that made it very clear they had no idea what was going on in the game. What do you do?

do you see that white streek just above the batters knee??? yes thats the ball....

Manny Ramirez though he didn't play at all he look like he had fun.

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