Friday, May 28, 2010

Medieval Times

Post dinner and tournament I had the worst sneezing fit ever in there dust and hay and did I say Dust... left to right Nick, Me, Sanjay, Sheera, Shannon and Eugene

What a blast we went here on Shannon and Eugene's last night in Baltimore with Sheera and her BF the food was ridiculous we got half a roasted chicken each, ribs bread and soup. It was very fun iv never done anything like it before. It was more expensive then somethings but it was fun to do once.

So basically what you do is you come inside this castle to purchase your tickets for dinner and the tournament. Then they place you in 1 of 6 sections each section is color coded to a knight. (we were Green the evil guy but a very talented young man)

Fight Scene

The Prince in getting captured right in front of us "Oh My!"

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