Friday, May 28, 2010

Nations Capital

This is our trip to DC it was so much fun we took Shannon and Eugene when they came to visit us last month....We love them soo much and were so happy to see them. Thanks guy for coming you definitely made it a blast.

Eugene and Nick Sitting next to Idaho thumbs up Gene!

Nick and I in front of the Washington Monument Nick was really trying to act like a chick in this photo but it turned out pretty good surprisingly lol I love you babe!

Ok so check this out so we just happened to go to DC on Earth Day and I left like i was home what with the soft rolling hills and sagebrush i was so content....

It was portable I could probably take it back to our apartment to this day I really don't know what the purpose of this dome was. :)

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Eugene and Shannon Tuioti-Mariner said...

WOWZA. Nick does have a good chick pose. Ha ha. And I do love Gene's thumbs up dude!

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