Thursday, October 28, 2010

Crystal Grottoes

The Crystal Grottoes in Boonesboro Maryland. We nearly missed our stop this little shop was litterally in the middle of nowhere and just off the side of the road. Rachelle (Nicks Mama) and I both thought that it looked very creepy but it turned out to be one of the coolest things we got to do while Nicks parents were up visiting.

This is the outside store and entrance to the caves. The Crystal Grottoes is a beautiful underground cave system the Largest in Maryland, we got to see some pretty cool stuff most of which I cant remember the names to~
This is our 4 man tour Jeff ,Rachelle, Me and Nick it was soo cold down there~

Our Tour Guide he was pretty cool a little strange just very nice :) This was one of the big caverns and a picture of the largest drapery folds in the whole system.

"The Thinker"

"Stone water falls"

This was a really cool part of the tour I just love this picture don't ask me what is in it though!

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Winder Family said...

wow! I wanna go there sometime. Looks like a blast! It's absolutely beautiful...

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