Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall has come to the East Coast

Nick and I thought that since his parents were down we would go for a drive sot hey could see the country side and all the fall colors. We were so fortunate to find this area its known as the Washington State Park. George Washington that is. It is very close the Crystal Grottoes which I already posted below, both are located about an hour and a half from Baltimore which is considered the country. We saw some of the cutest small towns I had ever seen. The whole trip was like we very in a movie (Has any one seen practical magic? The town they lived in? It was identical I swear) we had so much fun the whole day was so peaceful and calm.

This is the entrance to the park, we had to drive for about five minutes to get the the parking lot so we could get out and walk to the monument in the center of the Park.

Isn't this idealic?

Erected in Memory of George Wachington, this was the Monument we were hiking to. I didnt get a picture of it but just imagine a huge circular fireplace with stairs that run up the center covered in stone.

This is the veiw from the top of the monument it is overloking several towns below. There are also large lights that light up the structure so the people living below can see the monument at night.

Nick, Rachelle and Jeff the boys however are not posing for my picture. do you think that they are tired of taking pictures?

I on the other hand am never tired of taking pictures :D

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Amy Foster said...

Gorgeous!!! Hey, I just found your blog, I'm so excited! How are you guys doing? Love you two!

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