Monday, October 25, 2010

Some of our FAV-ORITE things on TV lately

Alright this fall has been awesome when it comes to the TUBE. Nick and I are having so much fun eating popcorn and watching our shows they just seem to keep coming up with some pretty great stuff on tyelevision such as...
Love it!

We love you Senor Chang!

Modern Family
Nick loves Phil, he thinks he the funniest guy on the show he prolly why we watch
I Love Glee Season One... However I am a little diapointed with Season Two. Nick hates the show and some how it make is eaisier to not watch this seaon lol im still hopeing for better episodes to come though!

AWWW what can I say I FREAKING LOVE this show I can't stop watching this series Nick even would watch it with me some times so it has to be o.k. right?

AND last but not least... infact this show is first on my list right now. I just started season one a few weeks ago and I am hooked I can't stop watching. Nick is starting to get annoyed so i better finish soon and get my head out of Netflix lol Love you babe and Bones and Booth lol Just kidding

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